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APPLY FOR: Glendon International Scholarships At York University Canada 2022



The Glendon International Scholarships At York University Canada 2022 is currently ongoing, and the university is advising the general public and interested international students to apply for the ongoing fully funded scholarship at the university.

International Students can apply for Glendon International Scholarships at York University in Canada for the academic year 2022-2023. For Undergraduate level program(s) in the discipline of All Subjects taught at York University are eligible for the award. 

The scholarship deadline is February 1, 2022. Therefore interested individuals who wants a scholarship in Canada or who have travel plans to Canada should apply after reading the procedures below.

Level of Education:

Glendon International Scholarships at York University, Canada 2022-23 are available to study at York University at the undergraduate level.

Subjects that are available include

Under this scholarship program, you can study the following subjects.

  • Subjects in general

Benefits of a Scholarship:

York University will award $5,000 to $10,000 to international students to help them complete their education.

Nationalities that are eligible:

  • Nationalities of all kinds

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • You will receive a 9-digit York reference number within 5 business days after applying for admission to York.
  • To study in Canada, you must be an international student who requires a Study Permit.
  • You must have applied to a York undergraduate degree program that begins in the fall in 2022.
  • York applicants must have applied immediately from high school, within two years of graduation, and have no prior university or college courses.
  • Must have an outstanding academic record with a “A” average or higher.
  • Must have shown leadership by volunteerism, community service, or success in the arts, sports, or other areas of personal achievement.
  • Theirhigh school must nominate them (schools may nominate one student only)
  • The International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction, the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, the International Circle of Scholars Scholarships, and the York University Academic Excellence Scholarships will all be considered for the nominated student.
  • Candidates must communicate with their school guidance counselor, principal, or administration about the York International Student Scholarship & Award Application and obtain confirmation that they are the student from that school who has been nominated.
  • The candidate must then fill out the application form with the nominator’s name, position, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • One letter of recommendation must be uploaded.
  • Ensure that all essential documents in the York application are marked as “Received” (MyFile).

Procedure for submitting an application:

Students can apply for admission through the university portal or through the OUAC portal.

Those interested should complete out the scholarship application form and send it to [email protected]


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