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APPLY FOR: Institute of Civil Engineers QUEST Undergraduate Scholarship in the UK 2022-23



The Institute of Civil Engineers QUEST Undergraduate Scholarship in the UK 2022-23 is currently accepting applications from international students who wants to study in the university for the 2022-23 school session.

The scholarship program is currently opened for International students globally “Africans Included”, who are qualified and have good grades as an undergraduates in your respective schools.

The Institute of Civil Engineers QUEST Undergraduate Scholarship in the UK 2022-23 is annually scholarship program, and its wise for you to take advantage of the scholarship if you desire forwarding your education abroad, or in one of the finest universities in the UK

While we proceed, we’d like to know if you intend to begin a civil engineering degree in the UK in the autumn of 2022? Is your course ICE-accredited?

If that’s the case, you might be one of our future QUEST scholars. If you succeed, you will be given cash assistance as well as access to top employers.

Level of Education:

QUEST Undergraduate Scholarships, UK 2022-23 are available to study at the undergraduate level.

Subjects that are available include:

Under this scholarship program, you can study the following subjects.

  1. Civil Engineering

Benefits of a Scholarship:

As a QUEST undergraduate scholar, you may be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Over the duration of your studies, you might earn up to £8,000.
  • Every summer, there are paid job placements available.
  • When you graduate, you may be able to get a full-time position with a top civil engineering or construction firm.
  • Experience, knowledge and the badge of an ICE QUEST scholar, good for your CV and your career – especially if you want to become an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer
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The majority of the scholarships are funded jointly by QUEST and a sponsor company but there are a few fully funded by the CF Lunoe Trust.

Nationalities that are eligible:

  • All Nationalities:

Eligibility Criteria For The scholarship

You must begin a full-time accredited civil engineering undergraduate degree at a UK university in September/October 2021 and have expected A level grades of ABB or higher to be eligible.

Because of the disruption to tests caused by COVID-19, your application will be evaluated based on merit and the fact that you have a confirmed place at a university for the fall of 2022.

Math and physics, as well as design-related courses, are preferred subjects. Visit the JBM website to see if your course is accredited.

Civil engineers are agents of change who help to transform our way of life. We require a diversified workforce that is free of discrimination and harassment. Anyone who is sufficiently qualified and meets the QUEST requirements given below is encouraged to apply.

without regard to race, gender, gender identity, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation, or age

Procedure for submitting an application:

You can apply now if you want to join university in 2022; applications will be accepted from March 7 to April 11, 2022.

Please keep in mind that a complete application includes both your application form and your reference.

Any submission that does not include a supporting reference will be rejected, and the QUEST team will not pursue any missing references. By April 11, 2022, both the application and the reference must be filed.

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