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Each academic year, UTA awards more than $30 million in scholarships to students. We prioritize the needs of our pupils. The purpose of this substantial scholarship program is to improve education opportunities while also honoring academic performance.


The Maverick Academic Scholarship is chosen among incoming freshmen who have a track record of excelling in the classroom. The Maverick Academic Scholarships are renewable for up to three more years and vary in value from $2,000 to $8,000. Depending on each student’s unique profile, different rewards are given; the better the profile, the greater the award.

Tests are not required for UTA or the Maverick Academic Scholarship during the 2022–2023 academic year. As a result, we will only take a student’s exam results into account if doing so will increase their scholarship amount. Based on academic qualifications and the amount of money available, students are granted the maximum scholarship worth they are qualified to receive.


At the time of enrollment, a student must meet two out of the following three criteria in order to be accepted:

• Class rank in the top 50% or above

• A cumulative, overall average high school GPA of 3.5 or better. The UTA Admissions Department computes the GPA taken into account for scholarship awards using a 4.0 scale.


The information on the renewal specifications for merit-based scholarships is provided to incoming students. This information was also included with the scholarship offer correspondence. All merit-based scholarships have a set of minimum standards that must be met.

• Only courses taken and completed at UTA will be taken into account for determining eligibility for the annual award. The full-time enrollment requirements each semester and the requirement for scholarship renewal do not apply to hours accrued from simultaneous enrollment at another institution.

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• For the life of the scholarship, full-time enrollment (12 or more UTA hours) is necessary each fall and spring semester. Less than full-time enrolment will not result in the release of funds. It’s vital to remember that the minimum number of hours required for full-time enrollment might not be sufficient to satisfy the scholarship’s annual renewal requirements. 

• To be eligible for renewal, a score GPA must be kept up. Please see the chart below for the minimal GPA needed to renew the scholarship each year.

• The academic year used to determine whether to renew a scholarship starts in the fall and ends at the conclusion of the summer semester.

• At the conclusion of the spring semester, students are evaluated for renewal. Students have the opportunity to take summer classes at UTA to fulfill renewal requirements if they are not satisfied at that time.

• By the end of the summer, all annual minimum scholarship extension requirements must be satisfied. The scholarship will be terminated if the renewal requirements are not met at that point.

• Students who are in their final semester before graduation may enroll for less than full-time status. The final semester’s scholarship award depends on the enrollment for its amount. The scholarship amount will be adjusted to account for the student’s enrolment.


For students who are not Texas residents, this grant includes a non-resident waiver. If the student maintains a 3.0 GPA throughout the term of the scholarship, tuition and fees will be reduced to the amount paid by in-state citizens for up to four years.


It should be noted that applying for merit-based grants is a very difficult process. While meeting the criteria for this scholarship ensures that a candidate will be evaluated, it does not ensure that they will receive an award. Based on their academic qualifications and the amount of money available, students are granted the maximum award value they are qualified to receive.

The Presidential Honors Award and Presidential Scholarship priority deadline for Fall 2023 is December 1, 2022. All Transfer Scholarship applications must be submitted by July 1, 2022. To be considered, students must apply and turn in all necessary paperwork to UTA Admissions prior to the scholarship deadline. These scholarships are automatically given to all students. No additional application is required. All of the awards listed below are open to applicants who have been accepted for the summer or fall semesters of 2022. These scholarships are not available to UTA freshmen starting in the spring.


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