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Pretty Presets for Lightroom is pleased to support the expanding community of pro and amateur photographers who want to use Adobe Lightroom to produce stunning, distinctive images in their individual signature styles. Our expertly prepared Lightroom Presets have been developed to significantly cut down on your editing time, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly apply lovely enhancements to your photographs. We are dedicated to helping you manage your busy schedule by saving you time while also making your job easier.

The company provides excellent Free Lightroom Training and a beautiful Free Collection of Pretty Lightroom Presets for individuals who are just getting started with Lightroom editing. Our sister brand Pretty Photoshop Actions provides a vast selection of Photoshop goods and editing tools if you want to modify in Adobe Photoshop.


The value of university education and its contribution to our professional and personal fulfillment are acknowledged by Pretty Lightroom Presets. That is why we are so thrilled to keep offering our $500 annual Pretty Presets for Lightroom scholarship. Students in colleges and universities have the chance to earn money through this ongoing scholarship so they can further their schooling and accomplish their objectives!


Perform thorough research, create an 800- to 1,000-word essay-style Adobe Lightroom tutorial, and include screenshots and images to support your arguments on one of the following subjects. use appropriate punctuation and grammar.

For your tutorial essay, pick one of the following topics:

1. A guide for Lightroom Mobile

2. Lightroom tips for photographs taken in the fall, spring, or summer

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3. Tips for photographers on using Lightroom to retouch skin

4. Any tutorials on using Lightroom

5. The impact of Lightroom on photography


For entries, students must meet the following criteria:

1. You should now be a high school senior;

2. Or be transferring from high school to a university or college;

3. Or currently enrolled in a Canadian or American university or institution.

4. employees and their close relatives are not permitted to take part.    


• Every year on April 15th, entries for scholarships must be submitted. The winning submission will appear on the Pretty Presets Blog.

• Three weeks following the deadline, the successful candidate will be contacted via email.

• A panel of judges from will carefully examine all entries for the scholarship.

• Each winner of the scholarship will receive a copyable check for $500 (U.S.) each year, which will be forwarded to the school of study the winner is enrolled in.             


• Send your essay to [email protected] in plain text or Microsoft Word format.

• Please provide your full name, mobile number, email address, and postal address. Your contact data will be saved private and kept to yourself.

• Mention the name of the institution or university that you currently attend or want to attend after high school, along with their mailing address for the financial assistance office.

• Please include a headshot picture of yourself that is at least 300 megapixels in the.JPG or.PNG format.

• Your entry may be invalidated if we don’t get all the necessary information by the deadline.

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Interested persons can now apply here

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