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Are you interested in applying for the CIBC Scholarship program? if your answer is yes then we’ve got all the information you need here on this page.


In order to honor the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare workers’ contributions, CIBC has allocated a scholarship fund of $500,000 over two academic years (2020-2021 and 2021-2022) to the training of future healthcare workers. The CIBC Future Heroes Bursary Program will encourage and assist the future generation in pursuing their dream of working in the medical field.


A) A person who self-identifies as Black, African-Canadian, African-Caribbean, or African-American, and who belongs to the Black community in Canada;

B) A citizen or long-term occupant of Canada.

C) At the beginning of the academic year 2021–2022, the candidate must not be older than 30.

D) The candidate must be registered as a full-time student in a post-secondary institution that is accredited for the academic year 2021–2022. (as determined by the NSF).

The quantity, worth, and length of bursaries One hundred twenty-five (125) entrance scholarships will be offered to students beginning their first year of a first degree, whether it be a bachelor’s, degree, or certificate, at an approved institution, in an eligible program, for the 2021–2022 academic year.


Your guidance counselor can be a valuable tool in helping you find scholarships that might be a suitable fit for you if you are still a high school student.

• Be sure to mention all of your activities and interests in your applications, be it charity work or weekend field hockey games.

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• Keep an eye out for new awards or bursary opportunities. You can also ask your career counselor to keep an eye out for new entries.

• Get to work on the application as soon as you learn about a potential scholarship; don’t put it off.

• Research the scholarship thoroughly by asking questions. One method is to get in touch with the contact person mentioned on the application.


The following standards are used to determine whether to award a scholarship:

A) Outstanding academic performance,

B) Amount Needed

D) Additional requirements that the donor sets (e.g. subject being studied; attendance at a specific university; etc.)


Remember that once your first year has begun, the money won’t vanish. There is a department responsible for handling scholarships and bursaries at each institution or college. It might be worthwhile to visit them and speak with them if you need assistance paying for your studies. They’ll inform you of available scholarships and bursaries and teach you how to handle what you already have.


Numerous businesses, including CIBC, contribute funds for scholarships. They occasionally exclusively accept applications from employees’ children, and other times they accept applications from a wide spectrum of people. You can learn more by asking your family and friends to inquire with their companies about any scholarships that might be offered.

You may also want to inquire about any corporate scholarships offered only to students at the school you have chosen via the office of student financial services at that institution.

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You can choose from a variety of scholarship programs. It only requires a little searching and application. Utilize all the opportunities available to you. Go get some of the money that is available!


The average calculation policy of Universities Canada was created after extensive consultation with admission and financial assistance officers from universities and colleges across the nation. The applications for this scholarship program are extremely diverse. The applicants are from varied geographical locations and have attained different academic levels. The fact that different educational institutions use different grading systems is another important distinction. It is the objective of Universities Canada to account for the variations in the study programs and calculate applicants’ academic averages to reflect a well-rounded student. The most recent four courses’ grades, followed by those with the highest scores, will be taken into account for this purpose. The following categories will be considered for high school transcripts: Language, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Sciences. Each applicant is given the option of six courses, with a maximum of two from each category. The calculation of the academic estimate may be made up of four or five courses if there aren’t enough options.


Interested persons can now apply here

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