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The registered charity Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation promotes moral behavior and self-worth. Our programs place a strong emphasis on helping kids develop character characteristics that support inclusive and positive behavior while also motivating them to achieve the highest degree of academic and personal success possible.



The Future Aces Philosophy (Creed), which was developed by Dr. Carnegie in 1956, consists of twelve characteristics that form the foundation’s message about citizenship. The creed’s motto, “FUTURE: always aspiring; ACE: to be the best you can be,” inspires audiences to take action and fosters hope.

The Future Aces Creed has been utilized for 50 years as a tool to promote morality, character development, and exemplary citizenship throughout the community. This ethos, which promotes Attitude, Cooperation, Example, and Sportsmanship, began with the first recognized hockey school in Canada, founded by Dr. Carnegie in 1955, and has a significant impact on the lives of more than 100,000 kids each year in Ontario. Through the Future ACES Positive Online ticket program with York Region and Durham Region Police Services, the credo also promotes good police-community interactions.


Herb Carnegie is a legendary professional hockey player who was denied entry to the NHL due to the color of his skin at the beginning of Future Aces. Many people thought Dr. Carnegie was the best black player not to play in the most prestigious league of them all. He was a brilliant, graceful center who won multiple MVP awards throughout the years. His autobiography’s subtitle, “A Fly in a Pail of Milk,” perfectly captures how he was perceived at the time by hockey’s all-white elite.

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Dr. Carnegie, whose parents were Jamaican immigrants and who was born in 1919, developed a love for hockey while playing on the frozen lakes in north Toronto and listened to Foster Hewitt call the play-by-play on the family’s radio. Before transferring to the semi-pro Quebec Regional League, where they joined up with Manny McIntyre to form the first black line in professional hockey, the Carnegies, who played alongside his brother Ossie, competed in the Ontario junior ranks. Despite being forced to abandon his ideal, Dr. Carnegie paved the way for those who came after him.

Carnegie refocused his efforts after having to give up his ambition and having a great desire to promote a more egalitarian society. As a philanthropist and wealthy businessman, he founded Future Aces Hockey Academy. In 1987, Carnegie founded the Future Aces Foundation with the mission to “inspire and assist youth and adults to become the best they can be as responsible, courteous, peaceful, confident, and caring citizens.

In addition to being honored with the Order of Canada in 2003 and the Order of Ontario in 1996, Carnegie was also inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.

He was the devoted husband of Audrey, who died, for more than 60 years, and the devoted father of three daughters and a son. Carnegie died in 2012, at age 92.


Scholarships from the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation are given out each year to candidates who exhibit the Future Aces Creed ideals. Successful students give back to society by modeling good citizenship through volunteer work, character-development programs, and/or involvement in charitable causes. Around 900 students have received $1,000 scholarships from the foundation.

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• Be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident, a landed immigrant, or a refugee.

• Be in your final year of continuous full-time high school or CEGEP study. Those who have taken a gap year may be given an exception.

• A student from 16 to 24 years old.

• The necessity for money is taken into account.


• Download the software bundle.

• There are word limits on some questions; kindly respect them.

• The application is made to be simple and quick to complete. Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] if you need further help.


Interested persons can now apply here

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