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Biomedical Engineering Scholarship Application | Check Eligibility



Are you through with your Masters? Biomedical Engineering scholarship application is only eligible for Biomedical engineering students that has completed their Master’s program. I believe you are through with the second level. Now, you can kickstart your Doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering and congratulations to you!.

This Ph.D Biomedical Engineering will take place at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. For you to be qualified for the program which is already created by the same institution, you must ensure that you passed through undergraduate and first level of postgraduate which is the Masters. If your case is totally different from the above illustrations, then you are quite ineligible for this scholarship program.

Come to think of it, only students that it doesn’t appear skeptical when it comes to the possibility of the m being awarded are those students that met with all the scholarship prerequisites. The requirements demands that every student must offer courses prior to the eligible course of this program in their previous academic levels. If your dream is nowhere related to being a Biomedical Engineer and you also never studied it in lifetime but yet received undergraduate and Master’s certificate, just know that you are not eligible for Biomedical Engineering scholarship application.

We have solely decided to offer you a comprehensive guide on all the details regarding Biomedical Engineering scholarship application. We hope this page help you to enjoy this fully financial aid granted by the Queensland University of Technology in the noble land of Australia. In as much as you are just on the top section of the page, the down part will lead you into the application form and also help you to apply for the grant as well.

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Our Scholarship Benefits for International Applicants

If you haven’t seen the evaluation of this scholarship, you will not understand that this is a fully funded scholarship. Moreover, have in mind now that this is a scholarship that has covered various academic costs for previously selected beneficiaries and all alumni. Prior to that, you are prone to enjoying;

  • Tuition fee waiver.
  • Accommodation.
  • Monthly Stipend.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Living cost.

Above all, you will enjoy grant price of up to $27,082 per year for pursuing a PhD program in the University through this scholarship scheme.

Host Institution

  • Queensland University of Technology.

Eligible Courses

We have only a course that every of our beneficiaries is qualified to apply for. If your course of study is away from BioMedical Engineering, do not come close. You are ineligible. This is the only nature of program that will be accessed with this program. On the other hand, students that didn’t take same course in recognition in their previous academic levels are not qualified to apply.

Supporting Documents

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Publications
  • Current CV comprising of your work experiences.
  • Reference letters
  • Recommendation letter.
  • English proficiency test.
  • Admission offer into a Ph.D program in the Queensland University of Technology.

Eligibility Criteria for all International Students

  • You must first of all be admitted into a Ph.D Program in the Biomedical Engineering course at the university before you are qualified to do Biomedical Engineering scholarship application.
  • Only newly admitted students are qualified to apply.
  • You must demonstrate your academic transcript so as to prove that you have initially completed other levels legally and officially with the certificates rendered peacefully.
  • Do you know that regardless of your country, you can apply? Yes, it is a globally accepted scholarship for global citizens.
  • Your research proposal must innovative and impactful. Take note of that.
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Other eligibility criteria to be met by students will still be disclosed later during their application processing. At this point, see how to apply for Biomedical Engineering scholarship.

Biomedical Engineering Scholarship Application

Do you know that you can actually peacefully and undoubtedly apply for the Biomedical Engineering scholarship at Queensland University of Technology online? It made it reachable for students from any part of the world. All you have to do is to open your web browser and log onto the URL. The website is for students that hasn’t applied for their admission. Remember that it is after a student has been admitted that he/she can access the scholarship portal.

So, log onto the web address to commence your admission application so as to easily access the scholarship portal. Should in case you love to know more about our scholarship and the value it has added to young leaders, use the comment box below to hit us with your questions.

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