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How To Fix Change PPSSPP PES Camera and Player Cursor?



Facing problem with your player cursor name or PES camera of your PlayStation portable game? You’re at the right place to learn how to fix all those problems.

Since the last edition of original Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Konami Inc. stop developing PES version for PSP and playstation 2 console.

Due to the popularity of those two console many game developers start moderating or adding new features to the last edition of the PES in other to keep it updated for the users and lovers of the game.

So from 2015 to now there is no any official Pro Evolution Soccer for PPSSPP Emulator or PS2 console.

Therefore the PES Game Developers always do their best to ensure that they have create new features to the game.

PES Field camera, Backgrounds, latest transfers and sounds are the most important things that the game developers are considering it.

Since the game is not an official released, many problem may occurred! And one of them is Camera and Player player cursor.

As a PES PPSSPP gamer you may come to face this kind of problem, therefore I’ve provided all the tips and tricks for you to solve this problem.

Things you may know before fixing PPSSPP Camera and Player Cursor:

PPSSPP PES Camera and Player cursors works together, so they are all located in a single file called EBOOT.OLD inside game files.

How To Fix PPSSPP PES Camera & Cursor

To fix these problem you have to change EBOOT.OLD file of your Pro Evolution Soccer Game.

So here I’ve provided you a tons of EBOOT.OLD file with different types of cameras and player cursor.

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Steps to change EBOOT.OLD file on your mobile

  • Go to your file manager > Internal memory PSP > PES Game folder and click on SYSDIR as show on the image below.
  • Now delete the current EBOOT.OLD file and replace it with your choice that I provided it for you below.

Download PES PPSSPP Camera & Cursor File [EBOOT.OLD]

  • Normal Camera & Cursor

 Download Normal Camera & Cursor

  • PS4 Camera – Cursor at top Score board

 Download Normal Camera & Cursor

  • PS5 Camera – Movable Player Cursor

 Download Normal Camera & Cursor


Having issues? Kindly drop your problem at the comment section below!

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